Kraft Pulp Cone with Carbon Fibers in Matrix : The cone and its choice of
material effect almost everything in regard to the Performance Quality of
the sub. While the cone must remain exeptionally stable under the stress of
high sound pressure levels a well balanced formula of maximum stiffness at
minimum weight is the prior target to go ahead. We at EXCURSION have
set our focus at this keypoint of and for success, which is the single goal for
our MAXTREME Bitches. We have designed a very light kraft pulp sandwich
cone technology with carbon fibers enforcements. This pulped sandwich
structure keeps high parts of internal air chambers which decrease weight,
but increase thickness, stiffness and effect in higher damping for lower FS.

3D EXCURSION Dustcap Design: The impressiv and agressiv looking of our
dustcap is only the welcome side effect of a very carfully research of its
technolgy. We are confident that we have designed the lightest dustcap at
this grade of stiffness on the market. Most this is simply statical caused in
our Logo design with the stiffened pair of 3D outer Circles. Of course we
took care for the most stable formula of Polypropylen material.

12 Spoke oversized Cast Basket: The symmetrical 12 Spokes Cast Design
made our basket to the most successful Subwoofer part in industry. It
effects into wastings to design only to be different, if the only goal of SPL
performance is affordable to go with a proven Design. We set our focus on
those parts which are really in trouble at those awaited strokes for record
sound pressure levels and are going with our Rubatek Foam Surrounds and
progressiv spiders in various combinations in order to controle the madness

3" Voice Coils: The exclusive heart of our EXCURSION MAXTREME Bitches
are our outstanding 8 layered Aluminium 3" Voice Coil. A Formula maximum
lightless at maximum load-bearing capacity on reliable aluminium formers is
ready to rock the lane.

750 once Motor Structure: The motor structure of a Subwoofer drives the
cone. Just like an engine of a car our oversized tripple stacked monster
engines allow your MXT Bitch transfer incredible Power. This demanded for
this single moment which simply counts to achieve those sound pressure
record results get honoured world wide in the hall of competition madness.
We state clearly. MXT is nothing you ever need.
If you feel appointed than it is a MUST TO DO.

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